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App & Add-On Pricing

With every EasySteps account, the first 30 days are free.  There is no sign-up fee and no long-term contract required.  Customer service and individual training sessions are always available.


Our Lite plan comes with all the great benefits of the EasySteps App priced for the small practice with five or fewer clients.




Our Part Time plan is designed for the part-time clinician or for the clinician with a growing a caseload of up to 10 clients.




Our Full Time plan has an unlimited case load availability designed for full-time clinicians and practicing clinicians with a large client base.






Unlock all the benefits of EasySteps with our convenient add-ons that make running your practice even easier!

"View Only" Supervisor

Supervise assistants from anywhere!  Access all client charts to review assistant’s progress notes, easily co-sign notes, document and track supervision, view schedules, and more!



One-Click Billing

Add on EasySteps One-Click Billing and once you approve a billing claim, we take care of the rest. Let us send the claim, manage the claim, and reconcile all payments. With just one click, your billing is truly done!


Starting at:


Coming soon!  EasySteps will automatically generate everything you need so you can spend minutes instead of hours on typed evaluation reports and forms.

Coming Soon!

Child at Psychologist

What people say about EasySteps

Patricia Cale, OT

I have been using another system and EasySteps is three times faster and easier to understand. EasySteps responds to questions via email or phone much quicker than my former system. I already have recommended EasySteps to several other therapists and will continue recommending it!

Emily Dennis, OT

No more worrying about making copies or forgetting documentation materials! With EasySteps, all of my documentation is right at my fingertips: organized and easy to complete! I cannot believe how much time I save!

Elisha Coats, OT

I no longer have to spend weekends doing billing for hours and missing out on family time. COTAs and I can share notes, easily sign progress notes, document supervision, document missed visits, send notes to FSCs and parents, track sessions and hours, and so much more. My team and I love everything about EasySteps and it has truly helped me decrease the time I spend doing paperwork and billing.

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