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Frequently Asked Questions

About EasySteps

  • What is EasySteps?
    EasySteps is an app designed specifically for Early Intervention Therapists (Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech and Language Pathologists, and Special Instructors). With EasySteps, you can manage documentation, billing, and much more. EasySteps is currently optimized for iPad and iPhone but will work on any PC or smart device. EasySteps also has both online and offline capabilities!
  • How much time will I save?
    Save HOURS on your paperwork and billing! You should never have to type the same thing twice. EasySteps is a one-of-a-kind software that will automatically fill in and generate forms, reports and billing for you. Therefore, your paperwork and billing will be done when you finish your Daily Contact Note. Current EasySteps users report it only takes a few minutes to complete a detailed daily note, capture a signature, and submit it for billing. This means you can be done when you walk out of the patient's door!
  • How long does it take to get my EasySteps account once I sign up?
    Typically, you should receive your account login and temporary password within minutes of signing up. Voila! You (and your assistants) are ready to go paperless. Plus, you can use your account during the free trial without being required to provide a credit card or payment. We are confident you will love EasySteps!
  • I have an agency / assistants. Can we have a joint account?
    Absolutely! EasySteps can structure your organization with a supervisor and an unlimited number of general provider accounts. The supervisor will have full access to all accounts and patients records. The supervisor account has access the billing section of EasySteps, including One-Click billing for all accounts! You will bill for your entire agency with only one billing account!
  • Is there an intial setup fee?
    No. EasySteps does not charge for setting up your account. Actually, we are so sure you will love EasySteps once you try it, we also give you 30 days FREE!
  • Is my patient information safe?
    Absolutely! EasySteps uses the same security technologies as hospitals and financial institutions. So all data exchanged between your computer and the server is encrypted. Furthermore, your data is backed up, so even if your PC crashes, all your patient data is still safe.
  • I am going on maternity leave (or taking a couple months off work). Does it cost me anything to suspend my account?
    Absolutely not. We are happy to suspend your payments during your time off. Just let us know the dates ahead of time.
  • Does EasySteps offer technical support?
    Absolutely. Anytime you need help, please email, text or call us! In a recent survey, current clients rated EasySteps 5 out 5 stars for customer service.
  • Does EasySteps work on a Mac or Windows?
    Yes, EasySteps works on all devices; however, it is optimized for iPad and iPhone where you can send emails, print, and work offline.
  • Will it work on my smartphone or iPad device?
    Yes! EasySteps is actually created for use on an iPad or iPhone; however, it will work on an android phone with limitations. Android devices login to a web-version of EasySteps and cannot connect to EasySteps without an internet signal. Also, the web-version of EasySteps does not have email, print, or offline capabilities. The web-version of EasySteps is a great place for quick data entry. You will need an iPad or iPhone to use all features of EasySteps. iPhones/iPads will need to have iOS 11.2 or later (5th Generation). We always recommend the most recent operating system if you are planning to purchase a new device.
  • I already have my patients entered in another system, but I'd like to try EasySteps. Is there an easy way for me to switch?"
    Yes. Most of the time, we can import all of your data from a backup file so you won't have to re-type anything.
  • I plan to buy a new device. What device do you recommend?
    Because EasySteps is created for use on an iPad or iPhone, we recommed you use one of the devices for the majority of your work. iPhones/iPads will need to have iOS 12.1 or later. We always recommend the most recent operating system if you are planning to purchase a new device.
  • Do I have to pay an extra fee for signatures?
    No, all EasySteps features are included in your monthly subscription. The Signature Feature, lilke all EasySteps features, is built into the EasySteps app. This means you can capture signatures while you are working directly within the app, both online and offline!
  • How do I capture signatures on the Daily Contact Note?
    The Signature Feature is built into EasySteps. This allow you to capture signatures directly onto the Daily Contact Note using any device: phone, tablet, laptop, or computer with mouse, trackpad, or touchscreen. Super Easy!!
  • Are e-signatures on EasySteps HIPAA-Compliant?
    The Conditions Necessary for E-Signatures under HIPAA Rules and how EasySteps Meets Them EasySteps takes compliance and security very seriously and takes any and all steps necessary to meet these requirements. Because of this we sought legal advice about many processes and determined the following about e-signatures: The conditions necessary for e-signatures under HIPAA rules also have to take into account the Federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN Act) and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA). The conditions are: Legal Compliance. Not only should the contract, document, agreement, or authorization comply with the federal rules for e-signatures, they should also clearly demonstrate the terms, clearly demonstrate the intent of the signatory, and the option should exist for the signatory to receive a printed or emailed copy of the contract. Covered entities are also advised to seek legal advice about any state or local laws that might also determine can e-signatures be used under HIPAA rules. With EasySteps, the contact note is fully viewable on the screen just as it would be as a paper copy, so the caregiver can see exactly what they are signing. An email, when available, is created for the caregiver upon signature. User Authentication. Covered entities must implement a system to validate the identity of all transacting parties in order to avoid disputes about whether the person who entered into the agreement actually had the authority to do so. Mechanisms such as two-step verification, answering “secret knowledge” questions, implementing specialized e-signature software and phone/voice authorization can resolve this issue. Since EasySteps is available online and offline, signatures are captured while the therapist and caregiver are together. Again, this is just like having the caregiver sign a paper copy. Message Integrity. A system to prevent digitally tampering with the agreement after it has been signed must be implemented to ensure the integrity of the agreement both in transit and at rest. This condition is very similar to the safeguards of the HIPAA Security Rule and should be treated with the same level of gravity. Once a note is signed, it is time-stamped and cannot be changed. The document is uneditable once signatures are captured. Non-Repudiation. In order to ensure that the signatory cannot deny having signed the agreement, e-signatures used under HIPAA rules should have a timestamped audit trail indicating dates, times, location and the chain of custody. This will ensure that contracts are legally enforceable and that authorization for the disclosure of PHI cannot later be contested. Providing the signatory with a printed or emailed copy of the document is one step to avoiding repudiation. Every note has a “behind-the-scenes” audit trail that proves its reliability. Ownership and Control. The final condition for e-signatures to be used under HIPAA rules relates to copies of signed documents residing on the servers of e-signature service providers. In order for a covered entity to ensure the integrity of PHI, all of the evidence supporting the e-signature should be on the same document under the ownership and control of the covered entity. All other copies – except those provided for the signatory – should be digitally shredded. The “covered entity” (the provider) has ownership and control of the signed document located in the provider’s secure and private area of EasySteps.
  • What happens to my notes if I discontinue EasySteps?
    All of your files are your property. You can always download any records you need. If you ever leave us, we will send you a complete file. If you need to place your account on "hold," EasySteps will make sure all your files stay attached to your account and will be here when you are ready. You will never have to pay a storage fee with EasySteps.
  • Are notes able to be uploaded to the Early Steps website?
    We have spoken with Early Steps/Covansys about uploading notes to their website. Unfortunately, their website cannot receive more than one document at a time. Also, only the user is able to upload documents after logging into each individual patient chart. For these reasons, EasySteps is not able to upload documents for you. All notes can be saved as a pdf to be uploaded.
  • What is One-Click Billing?
    EasySteps generates all your claims for you. Easily check off the claims with One-Click to approve their submission to the clearinghouse. We take care of the rest. That's it! EasySteps even reconciles the claims for you!
  • Will I have to pay another company when I use EasySteps Billing?
    No. EasySteps can manage your Medicaid and Part C (Covansys) claims! All billing is completed within the Easy Steps App with One Click once you sign up for EasySteps billing! This means there is no need to transfer any data to other websites. There are no hidden fees per claim you send. EasySteps is all-inclusive!
  • How often can I bill?
    Frequency of billing is completely up to you. One-Click billing is so easy, many choose to bill after each session or at the end of the day. You can also submit billing weekly or monthly. Expect payment within 2-3 weeks. The cost of billing is all-inclusive with no hidden fees for sending claims.
  • Do I need to sign up with a billing clearinghouse?
    No. As your billing agent, EasySteps will deal with the clearinghouse so you don't have to. We even complete the billing paperwork required by Medicaid for you. Since EasySteps receives a group rate discount, we are able to offer full-service billing and pass along the savings to you. Billing is all-inclusive, so there are no extra fees for claims!
  • How often are claims submitted to Medicaid?
    Claims will be submitted at the end of the business day for faster processing.
  • How long does it take to get paid for Medicaid claims?
    Initial setup for electronic billing will take approximately 2 weeks to process. Once setup is complete, Medicaid claims will process within 5-7 days after claim submission and you will be paid the week following. Therefore, from the date of service, you should expect payment from Medicaid within 2 weeks.
  • What if a claim is rejected?
    Let EasySteps monitor and track claims for you. In the even of a rejected claim, EasySteps will fix the claim for you, or notify you of the problem.
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What people say about EasySteps

Michelle Rose, OT

I am not tech-savvy and was reluctant to change from pen and paper, but EasySteps is just so EASY to use and I am amazed at how much time I save! Because of EasySteps, I have been able to increase my caseload and still have more free time!

Karen Curtis-Wallace, SLP

Before I signed on with EasySteps, I never had payments in a timely manner and constantly had claims not paid! But no more, EasySteps is just what it says...easy steps to making and submitting my claims with timely payments each week!!! THANKS EASYSTEPS 🤩🥳🌟

Jennifer Aguillard, PT

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am using EasySteps! I feel like I can see a baby, document effectively, and keep track of sessions and billing so much better and FASTER!

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