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EasySteps is Growing!


We are currently expanding the EasySteps app to several new states. We need 10-20 early interventionists from each state to be a part of our Beta Team. Space is limited. Read more below! ​ ​

Level 1 – Our initial beta users need to have a good understanding of their state’s early intervention program. They provide information on the forms and requirements of the state and need to understand the rules and regulations. They use the initial state app. These users really design the workflow of the app. We understand that actual therapists know what works best and help to make the system better and user-friendly. Level 1 is limited to 10 providers. They get 6 months free and Easy Steps bling.


Level 2 – Our level 2 beta users use the app to further perfect the system and begin using the EasySteps app about a month after level one begins. They get to nitpick and help polish the new Easy Steps app created for your state. We like hearing “this needs to be bigger”…. ”that needs to be centered”… “We need to fax this form.” Level 2 is limited to 10 providers. They get 3 months free and Easy Steps bling.

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